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As a business owner, work worries come with the territory.
They also love to follow you home when you leave. Did you get enough done today? Can your manager handle the delivery tomorrow? Did you secure the business and turn the alarm on?

Smart business security is a worry-busting package of tough, reliable hardware, intelligent security features and a smartphone app that controls everything. It’s engineered to keep your business protected and your peace of mind intact, no matter where you are.

Burglar Alarms

When you run a business, everyday inconveniences are a fact of life. However, your security system doesn’t have to be one of them.
In fact, a modern security system can help your business become smarter, more secure and more efficient.

If you run a business and like the sound of better security, more control, less inconvenience, less waste, and the ability to see what’s happening at work, anytime, for Business is for you.

Burglar Alert

Videos Surveillance

Are the security cameras at your business outdated? Is your video surveillance heavy on hardware and maintenance, and light on usefulness? If you had to find an important video clip right now, how long would it take?

You probably know that your business security cameras need an upgrade. But you may not know how much value a smart video monitoring upgrade can give you.

Live Video

Fire Alarms

VSA can furnish, install, monitor, and maintain a commercial grade fire alarm system in your office or warehouse. We take care of small offices to the largest churches and warehouses in town. Trust VSA to make your space safe and up to code. We can handle not only the install, but the design and permit process too.

Fire Alarm

Automation Products

As your business grows, so does the work it takes to manage it—especially when you scale up to multiple business locations.
The complexities of adding new stores, restaurants, warehouses or other premises can create an overwhelming workload (or worry-load) that you’ll need to solve. This could mean a new hire, or a new technology solution to help you scale more efficiently. for Business, with its award-winning multi-location management features, should be at the top of your list. It reduces complexity by giving you and your team a single point of control for essential functions including security, employee access, video monitoring, and energy management for every location in your business.

Temperature Control

Access Control

Are you still using keys to secure and access your business?
We have good news.

Traditional keys are a nuisance. You don’t need us to point this out, of course. You know how easy keys are to lose, or misuse. You know the inconvenience of tracking a key down when an employee leaves, and the expense of re-keying a lock when you can’t. You know about dashing to work to let people in when your manager gets sick and has to stay home.

But do you know about the new, easier, smarter alternative?
Smarter Access Control is a commercial access solution, engineered by to bring the benefits of modern access technology like smart locks and card readers to small and medium businesses. Powered by smart business security technology, it’s easy to use, enabling you to set up and manage secure, keyless access for you and your employees, across multiple locations, with no IT expertise or extra resources needed.

Access Control

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VSA is grateful for the opportunity to work for you. A great part of our success has been long-term customers and word-of-mouth advertising. The word “local” is one we cherish as much as we appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your security needs.

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