My Keypad is beeping every time I arm/disarm the system.

You have a low panel battery. Call VSA for a service call to install a new battery OR you are welcome to swap it yourself. Take the old battery to Ebco Battery on Warm Springs Rd. in Columbus. You can purchase a battery from them, and they can recycle the old battery. Plus, you are keeping your dollars in Columbus. VSA buys all our batteries from Ebco locally.

My Smoke Detector is chirping every 30 seconds.

This is typically your local smoke detector. There is a nine-volt battery in there that needs to be replaced. We do have one wireless smoke detector that will beep, but most likely it is your local only smoke detector.

I’m an existing customer, how do I download the app?

Whether you use iOS or Android, downloading and using the app just takes a few steps. Click here to find and download the appropriate app for your mobile device.

I am on a land line and there is an FC on the keypad.

Your system is not currently reporting to us. This is what the letters we have been sending you are about. Land Lines are no longer a safe means of monitoring your system. There are too many variables with VOIP that can keep your system from being able to call out. It is time to look at your cellular options. For customers with us over 8 years, there is no charge for the cellular communicator installation. Please call us for more info. 706-327-9071

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