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Trust VSA Security Systems to watch over your home and keep it safe while you’re home or away. More importantly, trust us to keep your loved ones safe. Don’t let your loved ones walk into a bad situation. Burglars don’t typically look for confrontation, but they are dangerous and desperate. So, let an experienced VSA team member come look at your home today. We will tell you our honest opinion and share what scenarios we have seen over the last 40 years. It’s not pushed by scare tactics or commission-only independent contractors like many other companies. We live in this community too and want to make it better with you.

Burglar Alarms

One of the smartest things about an home is the proactive safeguards it provides for your family. Your system’s advanced technology detects potential danger and takes action on your behalf.

Our Insights Engine, Geo-Services and Crash and Smash protection are all examples of proactive safeguards that work on their own, using’s cloud intelligence and real-time data from devices around your home.

One proactive safeguard, however, has a human element: professional security monitoring, which is provided by VSA Security Systems, Inc.

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Videos Surveillance

Smart video monitoring is a modern security essential. With video alerts, live camera feeds and 24-hour recording options, video makes it easy to stay in the know about important activity at your home or business.

With our newly launched video analytics service, it can be even more valuable.

Video analytics is a highly intelligent security feature that monitors your property’s video streams to distinguish important events from routine activity. It uses this real-time insight to filter and categorize your video alerts, giving your video monitoring a new level of control, customization and value.

Fire Alarms

Traditionally, a home security system protected you from a single threat: intruders. If the system was armed and there was a break-in, you were protected. Smart Home Security from is much more useful.’s uniquely connected network of sensors and devices not only detects dangerous situations but takes proactive, automatic measures to protect your home and family. One of these dangers is harmful elements within your home: fire, carbon monoxide, and water leaks.

If there’s a fire at your home, detects, alerts and responds to protect your family. Your alarm will sound, your smart lights will turn on to light your way out of the house, and your smart thermostat will shut off your HVAC to minimize the spread of smoke. In addition to alerting emergency services, also alerts your own emergency contacts such as family and neighbors to make them aware of the situation.

Fire Alert

Automation Products

Our Smart Home technology brings everything in your home together to make things safer, smarter and more efficient.

A single mobile app controls your security system, smart thermostat, lights, locks, video cameras, garage doors and more. Behind the scenes, our powerful cloud platform enables devices to respond in unison to your commands and to activity around your home and beyond.

Wellness System

Protection for your loved one; assurance for you.’s intuitive smartphone app, with real-time alerts, gives you a discreet, 24/7 connection that enables you to know about and respond to immediate needs quickly.

Wellness alerts you if there’s a dangerous situation like an open door late at night, and provides the reassurance that a loved one is up and about during the daytime as expected.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being in the know, without impacting your loved one’s independence.

Medical Alert

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VSA is grateful for the opportunity to work for you. A great part of our success has been long-term customers and word-of-mouth advertising. The word “local” is one we cherish as much as we appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your security needs.

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